Sigor stands for innovative lighting solutions of the highest quality and durability. Our wide product range offers a comprehensive selection of lamps, projectors, indoor lighting, as well as light strips and controls.

Innovative development

We develop and design innovative lighting solutions. Our luminaires are aesthetically pleasing, precisely crafted, and equipped with numerous convenient features.

We develop and design innovative lighting solutions. With our FlexMood switch, the light colour can be adjusted to suit the mood.
Sigor Unternehmen Lichtentwicklung

Selection and optimization of illuminants

High-quality illuminants are the origin and foundation of our company. Our extensive experience and continuously developed expertise make us a competent partner for lighting planners, retailers, and wholesalers. All illuminants in our comprehensive range meet the highest quality standards regarding durability, colour rendering, flicker-free operation, and colour temperature.

Sigor Unternehmen Optimierung
Our lamps meet the highest quality standards in terms of colour temperature, colour rendering and flicker freedom and provide the highest level of "feel-good" atmosphere.
Sigor Unternehmen Optimierung Robin Scheffel

Planning, measurement, assembly

Customized lighting solutions require detailed planning. Whether it's virtual lighting planning or customization of light strips, we provide the foundation for the object-specific selection of luminaires and illuminants.

Sigor Unternehmen Lichtmessung
Light measurement

Light sources with quality guarantee

Our own measurement laboratory guarantees the high quality of our lamps. In addition to light quality, factors such as lifespan and compatibility with dimmers are often crucial.

Sigor Unternehmen Konfektionierung
Assembly of light strips, profiles and controls

Individual luminaire construction suitable for any room situation

Light strips create a atmospheric ambiance through indirect lighting. However, their implementation is often more complex than using lamps and luminaires. As part of our service, we offer planning and customization of light strips, cooling profiles, controls, and mounting systems.


Geschäftsführer Robin Scheffel
Robin Scheffel

Managing Partner

Geschäftsführer Michael Perterer
Michael Perterer

Managing Partner