Compact battery-powered table lamp
with high luminosity
Suitable for outdoor use
Smoothly dimmable
Two light colours
Up to 12 h light duration

Charming extravagance

The Sigor Nudrop could pass as a sculpture or design object even if it didn't provide light. With its organically curved shape and charming colours, it adds original accents to any interior. Despite its compact form, it has tremendous luminosity, overshadowing much larger lamps with its brightness.

Grafik Nudrop Intro
Nudrop Detail Kopf
Nudrop Detail Kopf oben
Nudrop Detail Kopf unten
Nudrop Detail Dimmen
Nudrop Detail Fuß


Innovatively compact design, tremendous luminosity, two colour temperatures, and easy charging:
The Nudrop combines numerous functions in minimal space.

FlexMoodTwo light temperatures
Easy to chargeMagnetic plug Easy Connect
Nudrop easy-connect
Compact shapeOnly 99 mm wide
Nudrop kompakte Form
Protection type IP54Weather and rainproof
Long battery lifeUp to 12 hours
Nudrop Akkulaufzeit
Smoothly dimmableSimply by touch

Possible applications

Compact space requirement, high light output:
The Nudrop seamlessly blends in everywhere.


Sigor Nudrop

Technical data

Nudrop Shop
Dimensions [mm]:
Matt colours
[powder coated]:
midnight black nachtschwarz graphite grey graphitgrau polar white schneeweiß dune beige dünenbeige sage green salbeigrün fiery red feuerrot sunflower yellow sonnengelb
Metal variations
[galvanically matt anodized]:
gold goldfarben
Watt:2.2 W
Volt:3.7 V DC
Colour temperature:2,700 K / 2,200 K
Luminous flux:192 lm/168 lm
Colour rendering:CRI 85
Weight:0.370 kg


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