Battery-powered table lamp
and flower vase combined
Suitable for outdoor use
Infinitely dimmable
Two light colours
Up to 12 h light duration

Battery lamp with integrated flower vase

Beautifully shaped battery lamp with embedded flower vase. The highlight of the latest design icon by Italian designer Franco Pagliarini is the glare-free light on the table and the discreet illumination of the flower bouquet. The dimming and the selection of the light colour is done intuitively by a light touch of the luminaire head.

Grafik Nuflair
Nuflair Detail Kopf
Nuflair Detail Fuß
Nuflair Detail
Nuflair Detail Kopf
Nuflair Detail Kopf


Unique design, enormous luminosity, two light colours, infinitely dimmable, easy to charge: The Nuflair offers numerous convenient features.

Cover capCan also be used as a pure luminaire
Glare-free main lightAtmospheric ambient light
into the flower bouquet
Nuflair blendfreies Hauptlicht
FlexMood2 Light temperatures
Infinitely dimmableSimply by touch

Technical data

Nuflair Shop
Dimensions [mm]:
Matt colours
[powder coated]:
midnight black nachtschwarz mist grey nebelgrau polar white schneeweiß dune beige dünenbeige sage green salbeigrün sunflower yellow sonnengelb rusty brown rostbraun
Metal variations
[galvanically matt anodized]:
gold goldfarben
Watt:2.2 W
Volt:3.7 V DC
Colour temperature:2,700 K/2,200 K
Luminous flux:170 lm/150 lm
Colour rendering:CRI 85
Weight:0,915 kg


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