Light emission upwards and downwards
Suitable for outdoor use
Infinitely dimmable
Two light colours
Up to 9 h light duration

Enlightening homage

The Nudiderot pays homage to the bouillotte lamp of the 19th century, which may have illuminated great minds such as Denis Diderot. With its slimmed-down design, the Nudiderot is in keeping with the times. And so today, as then, clever minds can be recognised not least by the lamp on their table.

Grafik Nudiderot Intro
Nudiderot Detail Fuß
Nudiderot Detail Kopf
Nudiderot Mood
Nudiderot Detail
Nudiderot Detail Kopf


Unique design, enormous luminosity, two light colours, infinitely dimmable, easy to charge: The Nudiderot offers numerous convenient features.

FlexMoodTwo light temperatures
Long battery lifeUp to 9 hours
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IP54Weather and rainproof
Nudiderot IP54
High-quality materialsThree elegant colours
Nudiderot Farbvergleich
Infinitely dimmableSimply by touch
Easy to chargeMagnetic plug easy-connect
Nudiderot easy-connect
Enlightening homageLearn more
Nudiderot Bouillotte


"Until the end of the 19th century, there were only candles, so all lights not only had to be beautiful, but also provide light without being dangerous. These lights were equipped with various devices - to prevent them from burning themselves, to make smoke less harmful or to collect wax. The lampshades were made of metal so as not to catch fire. One of these types of lamp is called a "bouillotte" in France. I simplified it a little and adapted it to the design of contemporary furniture."

- Franco Pagliarini, Italy (Designer)

Bouillotte lamp

French bouillotte lamp
19th century


Sigor Nudiderot

Technical data

Nudiderot Shop
Dimensions [mm]:
Matt colours
[powder coated]:
polar white polar white
Metal variations
copper copper chrome chrome
Watt:2.2 W
Volt:3.7 V DC
Colour temperature:2,700 K/2,200 K
Luminous flux:172 lm/161 lm
Colour rendering:CRI 85
Weight:0.980 kg


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